My Son After Swimming Has Had A Headache When He Shakes His Head. Is That Water In The Ears?


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Also if he swims under water a lot, his head will have got cold - just get him to towel his hair dry rather than shake his head. I think most of us would get a headache if we shook our heads - try it! It's your poor brain bashing against your skull.
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My husband is a high school swim coach as well as a Master swimmer, I also have 3 kids who are swimmers... I was told in order to release the water from his ear, he should just lean his head over on his shoulder, first one side then the other, let the water flow out, don't shake as this is putting pressure on your neck, which could cause tension headaches, IF he is feeling pressure in his ear (a fullness) put a few drops of rubbing alcohol in ear to dry out the ear.  hope this helps
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Hold your forefinger against your ear opening (hole) and plug it shut. Stand on one foot and hop till you feel something warm touch your finger. Remove your finger the extra fluid will drain out. Remember to hop on same leg as the ear. Forex: Left ear, hop on left leg and make sure your fingers closing the opening tightly......sounds stupid, but works!!
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Well, Two ways. First lay on your head on the side that has the water. Wait until you think itz gone. Then get a tissue or toilet paper and stick it in your ear. If that doesn't work, bang your head on a pillow.

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There are a number of ways to do this

1. Hold your head to the side of that ear which the water is and bang the other ear with the palm of your hand
2. Hold your nose and close your mouth tightly then blow until your face is as red as a beetroot
3. Stick a straw in the opposite ear and get a friend to blow, this always works with anyone who takes my answers seriously as the have nothing between their ears.
4. As above but if the friend is a close friend get them to suck instead of blowing but sticking the straw in the affected ear, they really shouldnt swallow though unless you are extremely close friends of course.
5 and this is my favourite one to watch, cover your ear and surrounding head with a sink plunger and tug like hell, this will also remove stuck ear wax, ear drum and brains.
Remember for safety you should never attempt to put anything smaller than your elbow into your ears.

To stop getting water in your ears wear woolly ear muffs when swimming, bathing or sharing a bath
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More then likely tell him to shake his head gently but firmly to get the water out. And give him some aspirin for the headache and try to get him to drink some water if he was in the water to long he can be dehydrated.
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As of what I know kids shouldn't be taking aspirin. Shaking head too much will cause headaches.

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