If You Have Tubes In Your Ears, What Happens If Water Gets In Them?


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I'm a 16 year old girl and I have tube's in my ear's! I just got mine replaced after 10 year's on August 14th 2009! Anyway if you have tube's and you get water in your ear's it would cause and infection! And I'm not sure but it might damage them! My ear doctor said I have to wear ear plug's when I shower or swim! And I do wear ear plug's! There is nothing wrong with that! :-) I hope I helped! Love, Christina
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Thank you. You did help me. My mother is 66 years old and woke up one morning not being able to hear. The dr. Put tubes in her ears, now she hears fine. We didn't know if she could wear ear plug's or not. So again thank you, Christina

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