What Is Measles And Is It Fatal?


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measles is a viral disease which spread from person to person, now days it is not very dangerous, it is go after 7 days.

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Measles is an infectious childhood disease that is caused by a viral infection spread between people by coughing. The disease causes a fever and cold like symptoms but these are followed by a severe rash. This is red and blotchy, usually starting behind the ears and spreading to the face and trunk.

The child's cheeks are very red on the inside and little white spots appear on the roof of the mouth just behind the front teeth. This is a very diagnostic sign that only occurs with measles.

The infection can be passed readily to other people but usually clears up by itself after about two weeks. There can be complications – the chest and throat can be invaded by bacteria that set up secondary infections in the areas of tissue damaged by the viral infection.

It is very rare but some people, about four years after they have had measles, develop a serious and progressive brain disease.
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Only if you die.

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