How Do I Get Rid Of A Boil As Quickly And Inexpensively As Possible? It Is Affecting My Self Esteem Major Time.


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This will sound weird but put 'hot' compresses on as often as you can to draw the pus to the surface and soften the skin area, then get a glass pop bottle and fill it with boiling water.
Quickly drain it out and when it is bearable, put the mouth of the bottle over the boil. As the bottle cools, it 'may' pop
the boil! I've seen it happen with my son who gets them on his inner thigh.....ouch!

Good Luck
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Thank you for taking the time to my boy friends brother is having a birthday party.I refused to go, and he wonders why! I am going to try your idea and thank you again!
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Hi, you should see your Doctor. A Boil can cause several problems, if not treated and removed properly. Why take chances. Take care!
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Take a real hot towel, I mean as hot as you can stand it and place over the boil until it starts to cool. While being hot you HAVE to squeeze to get the core out. Repeat this three times and if you havent got the core out by then, you will have to have a Dr remove it.
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I had that once and it is may just have to suck it up and burst it. That's what I did. Once I did that and cleaned it out it went away in a couple of days. Otherwise it would have been there for a while and I would have remained in severe pain. You can also soak in a epsom salt bath for a while. I've heard that it can help bring it out. Good luck whichever way you decide to do it.
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The best way to get rid of boils is to opt for Poultice for Boils treatment. In this method, a warm moist cloth is placed on the affected skin area and repeat this procedure for at least one week or so. At the end of this time, you will find that the boils will get swollen and would ultimately burst; liberating a lot of blood and pus.

If you don't want to wait for such a long time and looking for an effective way to minimize the pain and sufferings, then my advise would be to opt for Boilx. This is a herbal medicine which has to be applied beneath the tongue 3 times a day.
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Well, I would suggest asking a surgeon or your nearby clinic nurse. Someone in the health industry may be able to help you.
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Don't pick at it. If you "burst it" it might just come back later down the road. Have it checked with your gynecologist if you are unsure of what to do. Those things are just that personal.
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Ewww, sorry about that, you can pop it yourself, or go and see a doctor, they might pop it, or just give you some antibiotics for it. Hope this helps, good luck.
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  I am not a doctor, but have had to do this. Realistically, if you went to the doctor for this, depending on the severity of it, they numb the area, then they cut it open. You could use an ice cube, numb the head of the boil, and use a sterile needle. Of course, you would have to have tissues nearby so you can wipe away the pus that would come out.

  There may even be some blood in it, and clear liquid. Press around the boil to get more of the fluid out, let it drain for a while, apply a salve to it and then bandage it over. Repeat daily for a couple of days if you can.

  A boil might need an antibiotic if it doesn't go away. Good luck, hope this helps.
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Boil is a deep skin infection. In the start, it is tender and red, then it become hard. Then its center become soft with pus inside. Boils can be due to infection in hair follicles, ingrown hairs, foreign material lodged in to skin like splinters, and plugging of sweat glands.
To get ride of these boils, use of warm compress will drain it. Once the boil is drained then apply topical antibiotic for few days to avoid reinfection.

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Go to any pharmacy and ask for draw out salve. It's black, and yucky-a mighty! Put a good amount to cover, and dress this in guaze, wear it over night- was the next day, let it air for an hour or so- then goop it up,and guaze it over. Keep this up- and in a couple of days- it will begin to drain... If its white, then keep it gooped and bandaged. If its green or yellow- keep it gooped and get to the doctor!! It may be MERSA. That, my friend- AIN'T NO JOKE TO MESS WITH!!! If you don't get heavy antibiotics, they will keep coming, and get worse. Mersa kills people. We've had a lot of deaths here in Fla. From it. AND WASH WASH WASH WASH YOUR HANDS_ ITS CONTAGIOUS
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You definitley can get a boil on your tongue. I got my tongue pierced a few days ago it got so badley infected it formed a boil. You have to seek medical attention right away. It is a very bad infection treatment is antibiotics and if that doesnt work you have to get it lanced open by a professional do not do it yourself!!!!!
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I did it wrong but I did it just like a massive pimple squeeze squeeze pop and 40mins later it stopped bleeding so you could try that I guess
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I didnt think you could get boils on your Tongue, it doesnt have pores.
I think you should get it checked out, it might be a sore, not a boil, like cold sore/herpes? Or maybe you bit it really hard?
Does it hurt? Or is it just there?
Good luck with your cure quest.
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Take a needle out and heat it up over the stove until it turns red, stab your boil in the center fast and hard! Then squeeze the juice out and put lemon juice on it to prevent infection

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