I Am Continually Getting Boils All Over My Body To The Point Hat It Looks As If I Have Leoparsy Or Something. What Can I Do To Rid My Body Of These Boils?


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It is important to go to a doctor and get a shot. Some boils are staph that is deep and left unattended they could cause death. When you squeeze them before they form  pus inside, you drive them deeper. You will feel that if you could get them to drain just a little it would give you some relief from the pressure and it would, if it had formed the pus and there was some relief to be gotten. Resist the urg the first few days actually the first week and if you have been to the doctor the need for relief may not be there now. There is nothing on the pharmacy shelf that can do you any good without the shot or shots and medication from the doctors. Staph lives in the air around us, it lives in the dirt we pick up on our hands, under our nails, in our nose and yes, on our body. It is waiting to enter your body through a scratch, a cut, any opening it can find. A simple itch on your behind gets scratched, feels like the head of a pimple come off the size of a grain of salt. The next time you even think about that area, it's as sore as a rison. Then it turns into a full blown boil. Treating it with Boil Ease will give you some relief for a day or two but that will be all. Prolonging the danger to you and your trip to the doctor. If you have BCBS it will cost you your co-pay for the dr visit and shots. The cream $10. The antibiotic $3.80. If you don't have insurance the visit $75 - 125, the cream $100. And the antibiotics from $45-75, plus gauze pads, cotton balls to clean it plus peroxide to purify it. Keep area clean clean CLEAN. 1 shower, soak 20 mins in tub 2 x daily also. Don't touch it with your hands, use gloves. Keep your hands clean, under your nails clean, use tissue to clean your nose or hanker chief, never your bare finger......because you could pick your nose then later your eye is itching and the staph you got under your nail when you picked your nose is waiting to go into an opening and now you have spread it to your eye, you have something stuck in your teeth, you reach in your mouth to antibiotic it wipe after a bowel movement now.....your to to itches now.... You had your ears pierced reach up to turn your earring now...... You get the picture...this is really nothing to play with..... I had someone I know die from this......I'm not trying to scare you or panic you just know this is serious and if its not gone in a day or two after it appears and what you are trying is not working then it is more then an infected hair folical and GO TO THE DOCTOR. Warm compress for 15 minutes at a time help with the pain. Less then 24hrs after going to doctor the pain and pressure is so much better. Good Luck.... Don't wait till it's to late.
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Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS) is an uncommon chronic inflammatory skin condition.
It effects inverse areas of the body, top of inner thighs, bottom, genitals, armpits, under the breasts in women and less commonly the stomach, hair line and behind the ears.
The symptoms of Hidradenitis Suppurativa vary greatly, it can be as slight as black heads and pimples or as serious as large draining lesions, growing to the size of golf balls.
A doctor who has seen this before may be able to diagnose it.
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I know my sister suffered badly with these after she had her daughter she had all kinds of tests done but they said she had low iron and vitamin deficiency so you could try to improve your diet and cut sugar out if you can
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The boils all over the body can be due to many reasons. They can be due to side effects of some medicine, allergy to food or sea food especially or due to some bacterial infections. Visit to a doctor to find out cause and to get appropriate treatment. For more details, visit BOILS, BOILS 1.

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