Can An Air Bubble In The Lungs Travel To The Heart And Cause Heart Attack?


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I'm not really sure if we have air bubbles, per se, in our lungs.  Trauma or an injury can cause our lungs to collapse, and we can get air pockets in and around our lungs that need a chest tube to get the air and possibly blood out, and that re-inflates the lung, but I've never heard of an "air bubble" going to someone's heart from their lung and killing them.  That doesn't mean it can't happen, just that I've never heard of that happening.  You absolutely can have blood clots (called pulmonary embolus), that can form quickly and travel to your heart and kill you.
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It is impossible for an air bubble to pass from the lungs to the heart and cause a heart attack being that the lung only contribute 1.125% to the blood stream
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I have no idea just that we think my brother has it. And so I am just looking for a answer

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