My Dog Has Swelling Of The Mouth And Eye Area. He Can Barely Open His Mouth To Eat. It Doesn't Seem To Be An Allergic Reaction. What Could It Be?


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Allergic reaction, trauma, tooth root abscess, and infection are common causes of facial swelling.  If your dog has any fractured teeth in the area under the swelling it could be a tooth root abscess--most infected teeth do not have pus draining and many do not have gingival (gum tissue) recession.  Peri-ocular, muzzle, and lip swelling is common with allergic reactions. 
An uncommon cause of pain when opening the mouth is a condition called masticatory myositis (inflammation of the muscles that enable chewing). 
Your dog needs to be rechecked by a veterinarian.  If no other causes are noted on examination then he needs to be sedated for a thorough oral exam, probing of the teeth, dental and/or skull x-rays, and a biopsy if appropriate.

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Thank you so much. It is Masticatory myositis. They had to put my dog under to pry open his mouth. He is on Predesone for 6 months. They think they got to him before it got too bad but still don't know if there is permanent damage as of yet. I am giving him soft food and hoping for the best. They said he could have a relapse and to watch close. Do you know how they get this ? Thank you for informative answer it helped a lot.

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