How Can I Stop Poison Ivy Fluid From Draining In My Ear?


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terry rossignol answered
You need to go see your dr because you can get an infection in your ear and you can't let that happen the ears are real sensitive and this can cause serious problems!!!!! Good luck sweety!!!!
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Angela Jeter answered
I know that if you are in the woods when you get poison ivy, and you are near a creek or stream to get some of the mud in the stream and rub that on your body where contact was made.  this happened to me when I was camping with my uncle and it really works!
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elijah joe answered
Clean your ear out
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emma danish answered
You will most probably need antibiotics to solve this problem see your doctor asap also when you have got the medication needed you may also keep putting cotton wool in to soak up the fluid leaking although you would need to change this regular good luck
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You can put a rolled up piece of tissue paper in your ear to soak up all the fluid.
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Rossignol is right, don't play around with this one, you could lose your hearing in that ear. Go see your doctor. Good luck.
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Apply Alcohol or you can try commercial medicines like Zanfel, Ivy Cleanse Towelettes, and TecnExtreme Poison Ivy Scrub. You must consult a doctor in this regard. He will give you a better advice according to your case.

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