Could A Very High White Blood Cell Count Mean Diabetes?


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A high white blood cell count can signal the onset of Type 2 Diabetes because scientists have noticed that it is often associated with a decrease in insulin sensitivity.  However, generally-speaking, a high white blood cell count is usually connected to the presence of an infection or as it signals that the body’s immune system is producing leukocytes - the proper name for white blood cells - whose major function is to fight off disease and inflammation.

A scientific study published by Vozarova et al in the February 2002 edition of the journal of the American Diabetes Association, ‘Diabetes,’ found that chronic low-grade inflammation, indicated in blood tests through a higher than normal white blood cell count, appeared to be a good predictor for the onset of Type 2 or Adult Onset Diabetes.  A copy of their paper can be found at:

Such markers may be useful in picking up cases of patients with a condition known as pre-diabetes where the disorder may not yet have progressed to the point where it will show up in blood and urine glucose tests.  At this stage, much can be done to help manage and sometimes even reverse the condition, provided that the patient makes drastic changes to their diet and lifestyle.  More information on non-medicinal measures for controlling blood sugar levels can be found at:

Of course there are many other reasons why a test may reveal a high white blood cell count, including the presence of cancer as well as auto-immune diseases and viruses such as HIV.  Certain medical treatments and medications such as chemotherapy can also raise the level of leukocytes in the blood.

Usually, normal white blood cell counts fall in the region of 4,500 and 10,000 cells per microliter of blood.  Often the level of leukocytes will change over time, so definitive conclusions are not often drawn by doctors until a series of tests has been taken and compared to see whether the body appears to be under sustained attack by a disease or infection.

In order to determine whether a high blood cell count is indicative of diabetes, one should consult a physician or qualified medical practitioner who will be able to put the blood test results in context with other diagnostic data and take into consideration the medical history of a particular patient.
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no.  It means there is an infection in the body.  Your good cells are trying to fight off the infection.   Diabetes is found under the results of glucose.
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It is very important to know everyone that  Diabetes is very dangerous for our body. But a very white blood cell count mean not a diabetes, it's mean infection.

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