My White Blood Cell Count Is Alittle Higher Than Usual. What Could Cause That? A Yeast Infection? Or Something More Serious Like A Std Or Cancer?


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A high white blood cell count is known by the medical name of leukocytosis and can be present for a number of reasons. One cause of leukocytosis is bacterial infections, including yeast infections and impetigo. Other causes are allergic disorders such as asthma, hay fever and dermatitis.

There are occasions when a high white blood cell count can be caused by leukaemia and chronic infections such as malaria, bacterial endocarditis and tuberculosis. The reason people suffer from a high white blood cell count can also vary. The most common reasons are an increased release of leukocytes, which are found throughout the body. These leukocytes are released from the storage pools found in the bone marrow. Other reasons include the increase of precursor cells in the marrow, and a decreased number of leukocytes on the vessel walls.

There are also a few medications that can cause the white blood cell count to increase, including lithium and corticosteroids. Leukocytosis is classed as a laboratory discovery and is similar in classification to a fever, which is also not recognized medically as an actual disease. A count of between 25 and 30 is classed as a leukemoid reaction, which is a reaction of the bone marrow to stressful situations, trauma or infections.

Leukemia, although it can be a cause of a high white blood cell count, is when the white blood cells are present in the peripheral blood. There are two types of leukemia, acute leukemia, when the white blood cells are immature, and chronic leukemia which is when the white blood cells are mature but not functioning. There are a number of medications available to lower the white blood cell count and these are normally prescribed after visiting a doctor, who can establish the cause of the high white blood cell count.
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Just relax, I had went to the doctor before and they checked by blood count and my white blood cells were a little off.that day I didn't feel all that well.a week later I went and got another blood test and everything was normal.your body could have been fighting off an infection or a virus.
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An elevated WBC is usually caused by infection/virus in the body. The WBCs multiply/elevate to fight off the infection.
A slightly elevated count should not worry you. Your body is designed to use White Blood Cells to rid itself of infection. Your doctor will probably order more blood work to check your count again in a few weeks and it will most likely be back to normal at that time.
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You have a disease that will affect your immune system. Whether it is active or not, A high wbc is not unusual. When our bodies have suffered things that are foreign to it, it can lower your ability to fight even a simple cold. Elevated wbc is a sign of an infection somewhere in your body. The numbers are what your Doctor will focus on. In some cancers, White Blood Cells will overtake the Red Blood Cells, and this can all be seen in the tests. It does not, however, have to be directly related to your cancer. A slight bladder infection or any of the things we as humans deal with could be the cause. Since you do have cancer, it is so important to let the Doctor know if you are not understanding what he is telling you, and for you to notify him if you experience changes, even a cold.  Wishing you well.
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No need to worry your body must have an intruder white blood cells are made to protect you first line of defence it may be that you almost have been infected. No need to will become normal in a few weeks.
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Might mean you have an infection..I think when your white count is high it means an infection somewheres. Cancer...I would not think so...
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The white blood cells are one of the type of blood cells and part of immune system. Their function is to fight infections. They are produced in bone marrow and further divide in to 5 subgroups. The normal range of WBC is 4.5-10.80. Any thing above or below this level is abnormality. A slightly but continuous elevated WBC means infection and is increasing continuously.
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What can it be when someone's white blood cells are taking over the red? My brother has to go in every two weeks to get blood cause the white cells are taking over the red. He says it is not Leukemia (spelled wrong?) or cancer so what can it be? My brother is 74 years old.
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Any time your body is trying to fight off infection your white blood cell count will be elevated. Something as simple as an inflamed hang nail can cause your WBC levels to test high... So no need to start worrying until you have something to worry about.

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