What Are The Side Effects From Red Phosphorus?


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Common Immediate Effects
•Increased energy and alertness
•Diarrhea and nausea
•Excessive sweating
•Loss of appetite, insomnia, tremors, jaw-clenching
•Agitation, irritability, talkativeness, panic, compulsive fascination with repetitive tasks, violence, confusion
•Increased libido
•Increased blood pressure, body temperature, heart rate, blood sugar levels, bronchodilation
•Constriction of the walls of the arterties
•In pregnant and nursing women, methampetamine crosses the placenta and is secreted in breast milk
Effects Associated with Chronic Use
•Tolerance (needing more of the drug to get the same effect)
•Drug craving
•Temporary weight loss
•Withdrawal symptoms including depression and anhedonia
•"Meth Mouth" where teeth rapidly decay and fall out
•Drug-related psychosis (may last for months or years after drug use is discontinued)
Effects of Overdose
•Brain damage
•Sensation of flesh crawling (formication)
•Paranoia, hallucinations, delusions, tension headache
•Muscle breakdown (rhabdomyolysis) which can lead to kidney damage or failure
•Death due to stroke, cardiac arrest or elevated body temperature (hyperthermia

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