Can Energy Drinks Have A Negative Effects On Your Kidneys?


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While energy drinks are widely available and are supposed to improve your performance in sports, leaving you feeling alert and awake, there is very little evidence to suggest that energy drinks actually have a prolonged energizing effect on the body. Recent studies also suggest that energy drinks can actually have a negative effect on the kidneys, if consumed irresponsibly or in large quantities.

The kidneys' role is to act as a filter, to flush out unwanted toxins and products from the body. To do this, they need plenty of water, which is why it is recommended that we drink at least two liters or water a day. The high caffeine content in energy and sports drinks causes more water to pass through the body at a higher speed, meaning that the kidneys do not have enough water to function properly in clearing toxins from the body. Therefore, energy drinks can result in excessive dehydration and can prevent the kidneys from doing their job properly.

This dehydrating effect and problems with the kidneys are made even more profound when energy drinks are mixed with alcohol, which is very common these days. Cocktails such as Red Bull and vodka are widely available in bars and clubs. However, the combination of alcohol, which causes drinkers to pass more water, and energy drinks, can result in severe dehydration. In addition, as the kidneys are under more stress to work harder in flushing toxins from the body, such cocktails can result in kidney failure.

The fact that dialysis patients (dialysis is a treatment for those who have kidney problems, used to assist their kidneys in clearing toxins from the body) are recommended to avoid energy drinks due to the high caffeine, sugar and herb content within them is all the evidence I need to avoid energy drinks.
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The suspect ingredients in many energy drinks that are not so good for the kidneys include caffeine, sugar and phosphorous.

Phosphorous is more of a risk in fizzy (carbonated) soda drinks, but some energy drinks have a fair dose of it, too. The problem is that it promotes kidney stones. There is a big increase in children being seen for kidney stone problems, and consumption of fizzy and energy drinks appears to be a factor.

Caffeine increases urine production, and effectively increases the body's demand for water. This is a problem, because kidneys function best when they have more rather than less water in the system (the kidneys' job is to filter water-soluble waste out of the body). So anything dehydrating the body makes more work and potentially stress for the kidneys, which could accumulate and lead to long-term damage. Caffeine also interferes with the kidney's function of reabsorbing calcium; effectively, this promotes kidney stones, too.

Sugar. High blood sugar levels (potentially just after someone has just had a high sugar meal) stimulates the kidneys to work extra hard in filtering the blood. This extra load can cause cumulative damage, although in the main, only diabetics are normally at risk of such long-term damage.

There are other common ingredients in energy drinks that give cause for concern, especially sodium-based preservatives.
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This past weekend I was in the emergengy room passing a kidney stone. The only change in my diet was that I started drinking energy drinks less than 2 months ago. No proof that this was the cause, but I will not be drinking them any more.
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Speaking as someone who has passed a kidney stone in november and currently is carrying another stone in each kidney and is also a keen drinker of energy drinks or fizzy juice I would have to agree with what has been said.

Please do not drink energy drinks to excess amounts because the pain is unbearable
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I have found many people to have Kidney cysts that drink energy drinks, one of my young friends of 18 years of age has a Kidney Cyst the size of a grapefriut. He consumed at least 2 24oz monsters a day. I have also been diagnosed with cysts, I drank 1 24oz can of Monster a day??? You tell me!!!!!!
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Yes energy drinks can negatively impact both kidneys and liver.
Don't drink them excessively.
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Yes they do.  Soda water or say carbonated water is extremely harmful for your health. Beverages with a high sugar content, such as lemonade, increase the risk of numerous diseases such as diabetes , the metabolic syndrome , cardiovascular complaints and of course overweight .

A US study from 2013 showed that up to 180,000 deaths could be attributed to the excessive consumption of sugary drinks worldwide.

With 133,000, most of them succumb to the effects of diabetes. 44,000 people die from cardio-vascular diseases caused by sugary drinks, 6,000 from softdrink-related cancer .

This study, however, only evaluated the data from adults - the harmful influence of Limonade & Co. On children is not even taken into account here. You may read in detail at here :-

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The simple answer I think to this as you can all see is yes, iv drank an energy drink a day for the past 3 days to try and stay awake playing a game and my body is now feeling the effects...big time, they should never be used as a long term solution to any problem you have but can help short term, I also had a problem when I worked nights a few months back where I would drink one a night to stay up and ready and around 3 or 4 in the morning when we had a 2nd delivery of stuff to put out id crash and burn to the floor majorly, not to mention the addictive properties of them which is why you feel drained, your body craves (much like nicotine) the hit again and gain until it gets it or the body deals with it in such a way that you sleep excessively, so please be careful and NEVER EVER USE ENERGY DRINKS AS A LONG TERM SOLUTION!!!! Thanks
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I have being doing a lot or research on energy drinks, iam doing a science project on it. And so far I have learned that it is bad for your body.

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