What Is The Best Bath Solutions For Achy And Sore Back Muscles?


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Anything mentholated. They make a wide variety of back/body massage tools. Go to bath and body works, or bed bath and beyond. You can also apply witchhazel to places were tenderness is an issue, keeping it external. You can also try a sitz bath, epsion salts, you can alternate heat and cold packs. I like to make my own, get a big mans tube sock fill it with rice, actually make two. One you keep in the freezer, one you microwave, they work so much better because the sock w/rice conforms to your body.

If you wanted to purchase calming herbs to take, try valerian root (Don't let the stinky smell put you off, this is the most effective. ) Chamomille/tea works great. as does catnip/tea. The fragrance of lavender helps to calm, it is also good for headaches. Johnsons baby lotion has a lavender/chamomile lotion out that smells awesome, I like to put it on before bed, it will also calm you down, Which makes you sleep better, which in turn makes your body feel much better by the next day. Good fortune. Remember to take the supplements advice after your bath, some are extremely effective and you wouldn't want to fall asleep in the bath.
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My physical therapist says that ice is better than heat. It works for me. Also you can try a foam roller. It can help release super tight muscles. Just lie back on it placing it on the tight parts. Do it for a very short period of time though as you can overdo it.
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The hottest water you can stand and the most epsom salt you can afford.Alternatives are things such as a jetbath system-ive found this to be so helpful.

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