Both Of My Eyes Are Hot, Itchy, Prickly, Puffy, And Red Eyelids/lower Lids. I Have Psoriatic Arthritis/ Depression/anxiety/psoriatic. Can You Help?


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Mark Westbrook answered
One of the oldest remedies for tired eyes, and this certainly won't make matters worse, is cold tea. Make a pot of tea, or put a tea bag in a cup and poor boiling water over, let it stand until cold, preferably overnight. Now, dip cotton wool balls into the cold tea and lay gently on you eyes. Fabulous!
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Joe Schrock answered
I would check out this company's products on the left of the page click on the nutri-physical link fill out the survey & get a Doctor's recommended list of products you should use. Our bodies are designed to heal themselves if we give it the right products. I'm sure glad I did and so are countless others that had issues not unlike yours. To check out the science behind the products go to:  The first product I would recommend is the purple powder OPC-3

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