Has Anyone Had Hip Core Decompression Surgery? Curious About Recovery....


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If you had hip core decompression surgery , you can expect a recovery time of at least six weeks in which you will be on crutches the entire time. As with any surgery, there are risks associated with it during as well as after the procedure.

Hip core decompression surgery is used to treat the disease of osteonecrosis, which can destroy joints in the human body and is most common in the hip area. If the disease becomes advanced enough hip replacement is necessary, but if it is caught soon enough surgery can correct the problem. Core decompression involves drilling a hole in the hip to relieve pressure that builds up on the diseased bone.

As with any surgery, there are risks up to and including death. As with any surgery, you will not be allowed to eat or drink anything after midnight on the morning of your surgery. As with most surgeries you will be visited on the morning of your surgery by an anesthesiologist who will explain what mostly likely will be spinal anesthesia, which is a safe form that is commonly used today. After your surgery you can expect to be observed in the hospital for up to day unless there are complications with your surgery.

You will be instructed to use crutches for at least the next six weeks, possibly longer depending on how severe of a case you had. There is always the risk of infection so you must be very careful to take all medications your doctor has given you. If there are no infections, you should be able to resume living a normal life around two months after your surgery.

As with any surgery, hip core decompression carries risks but has the potential to save you from a hip replacement and allow you to again begin living a normal life after the surgery and recovery. You may also face some physical therapy to help you to get back to normal.

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