My Husband Has A Larger Than Dime Sized Bright Red Rash On Lower Left Leg With Brown Center, No Itch. What Could It Be?


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All skin diseases require physical examinations to pinpoint the cause. Because the rash without any itching can be due to many reasons and it requires differential diagnosis by the doctor. This rash can be simply pimple/acne, side effect of some medicines. Contact allergy and impetigo etc. So, it will be good to see a dermatologist for diagnosis and treatment.
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thanks John for the comment...We live in I was thinking it is a spider type bite..but not sure if wisconsin has spider bites that would look like medicines are taken by him..and it is at the top of the sock line..
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I am thinking maybe a spider or a tick bite. You really should have it looked at by a doctor. Lyme disease and brown recluse spiders can have very serious effects on your health.

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