Why Do My Arms And Legs Feel Numb Some Times?


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Numbness in the limbs can be a sign of something physical and/or mental. It could be something quite serious so it is important to share your concerns with a doctor or physician as soon as possible.

If the numbness is not constant or painful and your circumstances mean that you sit or stand in a similar position for a long period of time, e.g. You work at a computer all day, then this could be a cause of your symptoms. If you work at a desk make sure you change your position regularly and when possible take short breaks to have a walk around the office. If you have recently suffered an injury to your arms or legs then trapped or damaged nerves can cause a numb and tingling feeling. Another common cause of numbness is chronic anxiety. Individuals who suffer from extreme depression or anxiety can often have moments when their limbs feel numb. If you are seeing a therapist, share these symptoms with them and they may be able to help you overcome this problem.

Arm and leg numbness can be a sign of something far more serious. Pressure on spinal or peripheral nerves can lead to your limbs feeling numb and is a condition that can be caused by herniated discs, tumours, enlarged blood vessels or infections. If you have a high cholesterol, this could be blocking the blood supply to your arms and leg resulting in numbness, pain and tingling. Other medical conditions including strokes, seizures, underactive thyroid, diabetes, carpal tunnel syndrome and multiple sclerosis can all be diagnosed, along with other symptoms, by an increased numbness in the arms or legs.

If you are experiencing any numbness you should rely on the advice of a doctor. Treating symptoms like these early on can avoid them developing into something much more serious.
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Numbness in the limbs sometimes occurs due to the deficiency of electrolytes like magnesium, potassium, calcium and zinc in the body. It may also occur due to hyperventilation. But before taking any supplements, you should visit a doctor to come to know the real reason behind it as it may be caused due to a lot of reasons some of them also serious.

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It may be caused by lying in wrong position or lying on your arm, because of it you may cut off the circulation. Sometime it may be due to pressure on the nerves.numbness:
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I have knot;s and bumps to come up on me all over my body but only under the skin  that you can feel then they leave in a day are two what is causing this?

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