Why Do The Side Of My Face Feel Tight & Numb?


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There are many things that can cause this, ranging from very mild causes (skin irritation), to more serious and rare causes (a stroke); needless to say the more serious causes should be checked out by a doctor.
As always, it is risky to attempt to diagnose yourself by internet searches and your own research because you may worry yourself unnecessarily and diagnose something that you do not have. However, here are some reasons as to why one side of your face may feel tight or numb.
Have you recently changed soaps or moisturising cream? If so, the product may have irritated your skin and you could have developed an allergy to it. This can sometimes leave your skin feeling exceptionally tort and even numb. If you have recently used a new cosmetic, don't apply anymore instead use a cold compress to the area. If the skin carries on feeling tight and numb consult your doctor.
Another reason that the side of your face feels numb and tight may be because of migraines. Some people are known to get severe and/or regular migraines that cause a tingling or numbness of the forehead and/or side of the face. You would need to again, see a doctor or a neurologist to confirm this for you so you are prescribed the correct medication to keep your migraines at bay.
Numbness and tightness of the skin can also mean facial paralysis, and although this sounds frightening, it's not as scary as it sounds. Bell's palsy is when one experiences the numbness and paralysis of usually one side of the face; when diagnosed and treated, it can disappear within a few weeks to a few months and can be brought on by stress.
When it comes to dealing with medical problems, if you are concerned, the best thing to do is make a quick doctor's appointment.
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It might be the sign of facial paralysis. Paralysis of the facial muscles can occur gradually or suddenly. In most instances suffered will notice within a matter of hours, often during their sleep, that they cannot move the muscles on one side of their face, so that they have a crooked smile.
Has there been slurred speech, numbness or weakness in arms or legs?
A stroke is caused by a clot formation in or bleeding from the blood vessel supplying part of the brain. When this occurs, that particular part of the brain dies and the nervous pathways that instruct the muscles to move are interrupted. This can affect the face alone, but more often than not the arm and leg on the same side are affected too.
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I've been sick with a cold and then I got pink eye. When I began to feel better a tingling sensation started on my face and now the left side of my face stiff and I can't smile and difficulties talking
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You could be allergic to something you have put on or near your face. New soap or face cream. You may have got too much sun or even wind on your face. Any of these make any sense?

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