I Am Tired Of Having Headaches Everyday, What Are Some Ways Of Getting Rid Of It?


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THIS WILL GIVE YOU A LITTLE RELIEF...try to take a lemon peel and place across your forehead and tie with a soft sheer scarf or use a ace bandage and leave there and your headache will disappear...buy a whole lemon and peel it like a apple peel...your headaches could be a sign of something unbalanced or other medical issues. Joy
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You need to go to the doctor with this I had them all the time migranes everyday so bad I would throw up. From 11th grade to present I have them. Mine are form high blood pressure
150/ 101. I did not know this at the time but my high blood pressure was so high I never knew it and my body was getting ready for a heart attack or even stroke. I am 24 years old with a 2 year old daughter. Last year I suffered from 2 known heart attacks and 2 heart surgerys as a result. I have had 2 more heart attacks but never went to hospital just doctor. I was taking 9 pills a day. Now they have a pill that controls my heart and blood pressure. I have to go to the doctor again cause blood pressure is staying high again. So do go to the doctor it might be serious get checked out.
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Make a tea of powdered ginger and drink it,try relaxation techniques,deep breathing,exercise regular when you don't have pain,drink a cup of ginger tea each day, try to prevent odors, such as perfume etc. Hope this helps. If they continue please see your Dr. It could be more than just a headache.... 
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You literally are not going to live a long life if you do not get help from the doctors!!!! You need to have them checked and monitored, and you need medicine for it! There is wonderful medicine out there now for migraines, and you don't know for sure that it is migraines! It could be a hemmorage, stroke or something else, please go and be seen as soon as you can. Hope this helps. Good luck to you.
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I have the same problem,I feel ill evry day and ive got a headache.Doctors don't help trust me.Well maybe theyll help you they did not help me.
You also probably have headaches coz you don't have enough iron in your body.I started having iron tablets and I got to say I do feel better.
Really Really hope it works out for you!!I know how bad it feels.. :)
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I read that eating pickles really helps you might want to try that. To me it doesnt matter how weird it is I just want my headaches gone. So try those pickles I know I will!!!!

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