What Is Dysesthesia? What Is The Prognosis For Someone Who Has It? Neurology Category


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Dysesthesia is a condition which causes bad sensations which means that if you touch something you might feel pain, tingling or you might feel uncomfortable and there can also be numbness. This can be caused by some abnormal change in the sensory nerves in the Central Nervous system.

There can be two causes of dysesthesia that is parethesiae and peripheral sensory neuropathy.  Dysesthesia is the most common symptom of Multiple Sclerosis.

In order to obtain a prognosis, it is highly recommended that you visit your physician and find out the actual cause and an accurate prognosis.

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What type of testing do they do for this?
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The kinds of tests which assess different characteristics are Clinical lab tests, Electromyelogram which studies nerve conduction and the third test is a Nerve Biopsy. You will be recommended the test by the physician according to your condition.

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