What Is The Prognosis For Men With Testicular Cancer?


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As with most cancers, if caught early, the prognosis for complete recovery is excellent (over 95% live at least 5 years after diagnosis). Even if the condition is relatively advanced, the odds are very high of a full recovery.

The severity of the cancer can be classified in stages (1-3). Stage 1 is very early on, stage 2 is intermediate, and stage 3 is quite advanced and implies spreading of the cancer to several other parts of the body.

Even men who have testicular cancer in stage 3 have a 70% chance of living at least 5 years after diagnosis.

If the cancer has spread to just the lungs and/or lymph nodes than the prognosis is still good (about 90% of such men live at least 5 years after diagnosis). If the cancer can be categorised as seminova, than the survial rate to 5 years is still over 70%. The poorest prognosis is for severe non-seminova cases, when the primary cancer actually arose in the chest. Survival rates are only about 48%.

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