Biopsy:"Tubulovillous Adenoma With At Least High-grade Dysplasia". What Is It?


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Sometimes polyps develop on intestine, colon or other parts of gastrointestinal tract. These can be benign or malignant. The polyps which are benign but  have great tendency to develop in to cancer are called adenoma. These adenomas are of three types called tubular, villous and tubulovillous.
Tubulovillous adenoma are type of polyps which develop in colon or GI tract and can be converted to cancer of colon or rectum.
Dysplasia  means abnormality in maturation of cells of a tissue. It indicates abnormal proliferation of the cells (neoplasm).
Your biopsy report means that you have tubulovillous adenoma which has high grade abnormal cell proliferation.

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