Rheumatoid Arthritis+Stomach Ulcer


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Sometimes a special diet can control RA , foods such as fish - Salmon & Mackerel are good sources .
Eat lots of fiber in the form of raw vegetables & whole grains --broccoli , cauliflower have anti inflammatory properties .
Foods high in sulfur will help repair cartilage and bone .Try eating some asparagus , cabbage , garlic and onion.
Since dehydration is linked to arthritis , drink plenty of water .
Raw or juiced pineapple has also shown to reduce inflammation
Natural supplements you can use that are known to help when taken daily are Glucosamine Sulfate , at 1,500 mg daily
-Omega 3 Fish oil

A natural approach to stomach ulcers is : Zinc 30 mg daily (Promotes tissue healing )
Vitamin C - acts as antioxidant in the stomach lining
Flaxseed oil ( also helps with arthritis )
Vitamin E - Prevents oxidation of essential fatty acids.

Please refer to : Prescription for Natural Cures
by James F. Balch M.D.

Hope this helps sajimalik . Take care

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