How Long Does A Tick Bite Take To Heal?


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For some like me, it can take many months to over a year for a tick bite to heal...until this last one. It is now healed completely with no itching at all.

I do not know why it can take so long for a Tick bite to heal, but for me it usually takes a year or so. In the past the bite would finally heal over after a month or two, but never really stop itching and the skin was always very thin and the bite would open up again periodically, itching like crazy for a year or so after I got it. This is not new, and the bites have been like this as long as I can remember and I am in my 50's. But I have solved it...really really...for me anyway. But this should work for most everyone.

I live in Florida and had noticed that after swimming in the ocean the bite would stop itching and heal over...but like I said, it would return in a month or so. Well I read online that this same thing happened for others with this problem; Go swimming in salt water, and it heals, kinda, almost, for a little while...

Well this last tick bite was a killer. The little bugger, and I do mean little, was right in the center of the crease of my knee on the back of my right leg. He was not on me for more than about 8 hrs, and so small I needed a magnifying glass to be sure it was a Tick at all. Anyway, it was a tick and it was itching like crazy. This happened about 6weeks ago, and the bite is now completely healed with none of the itching or 'thin skin' like with past bites. But is really, truly, healed.

Ok, I was thinking about the salt water thing, and was frankly at wits end as the itching and placement of this bite was driving me up the wall. I had to stop the itching...none of the itch creams ever worked well and I was willing to try anything. So I put a bit of Kosher Salt into a spoon and slightly wet it with tap water, then put that onto a 1" bandage and put it straight onto the bite. The itching stopped completely, and yes it did slightly sting, but not bad at all. The stinging was much less a problem than the itching, and it did not last long.

Anyway, I left the  bandage on for 24hrs and then removed it, alowing air to the wound. It formed a thick dark scab, and Finally began to heal properly. Now after a month, the scab is gone and no itching or remnant remains of the bite. It Worked!

I used Kosher Salt because that is what I have in the kitchen, but I would suspect Sea salt would work as well. I do not know about Iodized salt, like Morton's ... It may work fine, but that salt is also highly processed. The Kosher and sea salts are what I used and they worked great.

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