My Son Just Got Told His White Blood Count Is 2300, Is This Bad And What Does It Mean?


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You have not written complete figures for white blood count like cells per microliter or cells/µL/cu mm . E.g. Normal WBC count is 4300-10800   cells/µL/cu mm (This is also written like 4.3-10.8 × 103/mm3). If your figures are 2300 cells/µL/cu mm  then these are blow normal which are not related with swollen lymph node and can be due to weak immunity. If you mean 2300 × 103/mm3, then this might be due to leukemia.  WBC levels are high when lymph nodes swell due to infection or cancer. Mild to moderate increase in WBC is due to infection but more than 20000 WBC can be due to cancer.
Your son requires further investigations if your figures are according to option two.

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