I Have A Low White Blood Count Of 3.3 And Swollen Lymph Nodes. My Doctor Said The Low White Count Was A Good Sign That It Is Not Cancer. Do You Concur?


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I have cancer so I know what you are talking about. A high white blood count is a sign of cancer because the body is trying to fight off the disease. I did not know about a low white blood count. Thank you rayoflight for that information. I learned something new today.
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I think the first part of your answer deserves a wow, but wonder how anyone who is not a doctor, could give such a devastating diagnosis of low WBC count over the internet, as rayoflight has.
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I am not a doctor, but I do concur.
Have had a lot of experience with sickness and cancer in my family.
I can tell you that a healthy range for white blood cells is around 10. If they go any higher, it means that they are multiplying to try to ward off disease or infection.
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Not complete answer. The normal WBC range is 4.3 to 10. A level of 3.3 suggests a weak immune system and he is more prone to get infection. The swollen lymph node is one symptom of infection. Do you know what will happen if the levels further go down like 2 or below? The levels of 2 or less indicate full AIDS.
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Yes, I know. I just wanted him to hear that from his doctor instead of a stranger.
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I would not accept any information concerning low WBC count, from anyone over the Internet. Especially if they are not a doctor, and how would you really know, even if they told you they were.
  Your doctor is the only one qualified to give you a diagnosis.
I had the same issue in my neck...and was lucky to have a similar (5.3) result!!! I am sooooooooooooooo ☺ 4 you!! Yippee, yahoo & all that jazz!
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Hey rayoflight is right you know.
he doesnt have to be a doc to know what the normal WBC is.
what hes saying is that people who hav HIV then turn into AIDS have a low WBC of around 2.0.
Not trying to scare you but its the truth. The doctors wont say to much because they need to watch your anxiety levels.
I wish you luck buddy and there could be other cause to not only AIDS or HIV.
It could just be an infection of some sort.
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Just talk to your doctor because everybody has their own individual health issues. 

The fact that we are imperfect sad to say may indicate a number of reasons why things are low. It does not always have to be something Bad. 

Ask your Doctor do not be afraid to ask because that's the only way you will know. Don't get your blood pressure up with opinions  from people who do not know your body. No offense you all:)

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