How Do Blind People Know When To Get Off The Bus?


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There a number of ways in which you can get off the bus if you are a blind person. Firstly you may have ownership of a guide dog. Guide dogs are key to these people as they are their ears and eyes and they perform a number of duties from putting the washing away to answering the phone, helping cross the street and even act as a guard dog. Usually there will be an announcement on a bus to tell you which stop is the next one coming up. This will be well in advance and one can prompt the guide dog to get off and literally direct the person off the bus and on the way home.
Alternatively one can decide to ask a person who is sitting close by on the bus. Most blind people have a stick so a lot of people will recognise the need to be kind and gentle as well as responsible for a person who is less able. If one asks a fellow passenger then the chances are this will be a secure way of finding out when and where one is going. They could also ask the driver.
This is because if they are sitting nearby, then a friendly word to the driver would probably go down well provided he has moved off from the bus stop, or is at a stationary position, as it can be dangerous once a driver pulls out and starts driving to interrupt him accordingly. The best bet is to own a guide dog who will be trained fully in dealing with a person in such a way and in a variety of different situations and know how to act in particular instances.

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