What Kind Of Food Is Good For Coronary Heart Disease?


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Arteries which supply blood to heart are called coronary arteries. Any blockage in these arteries leads to less supply of blood to heart causing coronary artery disease (CAD). Factors like obesity, high cholesterol, smoking, and high blood pressure can cause CAD. You should quit smoking and try to reduce your weight and cholesterol. Have a daily walk to burn calories and follow a strict diet plan which should contain less fats, soluble fibers and less sodium. You should eat whole grain bread and bagels, brown rice, Fresh, frozen, baked, or steamed fruits and vegetable, skinless chicken, fish, egg white, olive oil and omega 3 free fatty acids, air popped popcorn etc.
As you are having angina which is an alarm for heart attack, you should visit a cardiologist for all necessary tests and investigations and get prescription of some medicines if needed.

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