What Foods Should A Person With Gastroparesis Eat?


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I've had gastro paresis for roughly 5 years and I can relate to your question. It really depends on your personal tolerance for certain foods. For me, I cannot eat basic high fiber or high fat foods. For example, I cannot eat nuts, certain fruits, fresh veggies or my favorite ice cream. However, I have read that other people that suffer from this condition can eat what I cannot. So it really depends on you. What I did to pinpoint the foods that I couldn't tolerate was on Fridays I would experiment with certain foods. One Friday I ate brown rice and I got sick. Now I know that I cannot eat brown rice. My rule of thumb is to experiment with foods on Fridays so that if you react badly you'll have the weekend to recover. Word of advice, don't let this condition control you. You will adapt and learn new ways of enjoying foods. I learned about the wonderful world of steaming foods. I steam my vegetable so that I can eat them. There are tons of recipes on the internet. It was challenging for me because I am also a vegetarian but I did find some recipes that were tasty and didn’t make me sick.
I hope this helps you.

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