How Can You Tell If Your Going Deaf Or If Your Ear Is Just Blocked?. Please Answer ASAP.


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Taylor Ashleigh answered
Hold your nose and try blow out of it, if your ear pops, then you know its blocked, if it doesnt, then sorry mate your deaf.
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natalie johnson answered
If you use Q-Tips regularly, it could impact the ear wax to the point where it just builds up and blocks sound and more. This could happen even if you don't use Q-Tips.
There is a ear wax cleaning system that has drops and a bulb syringe to wash it out.
Here's a link to ear wax cleaning kit so you know what to look for.
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You could try checking if your ear is blocked first. Use soft cotton buds to rove your inner ear. If it meets obstruction of some sort, it is blocked. You may use olive oil to soften the block. Continue this and the block maybe eventually removed. This is harmless. But it is better to see an ear doctor.

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