How Does Asthma Affect Your Intellectual Development?


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There is actually no real link between asthma affecting your intellectual development. However, asthma suffers are said to be more prone to some mental health issues such as depression and anxiety.

If asthma is mild or controlled then it can not affect everyday life too much for sufferers. However, if someone has suffered from a lot of serious asthma attacks in the past or is still suffering from them now, this of course can affect their frame of mind.

  • Depression and anxiety
Due to the fear of more asthma attacks, some sufferers will become too anxious and nervous to go to events or play sports in case of an attack. While this in itself can also exacerbate the condition, the avoidance and withdrawal is a classic sign of the onset of depression. Therefore it can be said that the two link due to the condition of asthma making some people feel house-bound or constantly on edge and in fear of future attacks.

If you are worried about the affects of asthma or wish to know more information then it is certainly worth talking to your doctor about it. They should be able to talk through all the symptoms and how best people should try and deal with having asthma. They will also be able to give you more information about the mental health risks associated with asthma.

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