How does asthma affect the child's physical development?


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Try to treat him or her as a regular kid. With all the meds you have today can do a regular normal life.but do one thing ....monitor the quick acting inhalers till atleast 8 grade.  But also be ready when they grow out of it...  They will be able to work themselves to death.....litterally.....since the ones that had relapses all did the same thing ...including me .   Oh one last thing.....if they keep choking on a drop of water or a crumb..... Teach them to have a breath in first then drink or swallow...then there first breathe will be out .....not in.   Will make there life a whole lot easier later in life.  You wont find it in a book have to experience to know how asthma is.....don't LET THEM clean with a bleach cleaner and then an ammonia base cleaner..... This will give you and them   cleaner induced asthma.....last thing believe it or not when you wake up and can't  breathe will want to run to get help or away from what ever is causing it....

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