Post-cholecystectomy Side-effects, Should She Take Bile Salt Supplements Or Do These Products Even Work?


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It is common in roughly 5% of patients who undergo GB removal surgery to have diarrhea and cramping. It is due to bile getting into the intestines and acting as a laxative. Bile salts would only make the situation worse be adding more of the irritant. This is an incurable side effect, however, it is easily treatable. I suggest seeing your doctor and explaining what is happening. It is not uncommon for this to happen as far out as a few years after surgery.

In response to the answer that was posted, it is not possible for the human body to "regrow" an organ, not even a gallbladder. It is however possible for a stone to have been missed and some people do have symptoms return after the Gallbladder is removed. Given how long it's been since the surgery, I think it's unlikely. That said removal of fatty foods is usually a good call for any healthy balanced diet. Still, the majority of gallbladder removal patients are able to resume a "normal" diet after surgery and your wife's symptoms speak more directly to bile related diarrhea.
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I do not believe that the salt works very well. I hate to say this but if your wife did not change her eating habits and has still been eating greasy and or fatty foods your body can GROW another gallbladder. Are these the same symptoms she was having before her removal? I hope this is not what has happened, but she may want to go get an ultrasound just to make sure, she just my have a bile stone in one of her ducts that are causing her symptoms and ultrasound could tell that also. I would try to stay away from greasy, fried or fatty foods as well that can make the symptoms worse. Good Luck
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Actually, you cannot grow another gallbladder. Once it's removed, that's it. You can, however, still develop stones in the bile ducts, which may give the same type of symptoms experienced pre-surgery.
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ALL patients who have had a cholecystectomy should be on bile salts for the rest of their lives. Dr. James Howenstine writes an excellent article on this which has been published on the web. Bile salts perform a huge variety of services to the body that are not available once the gall bladder has been removed. While it is true that gall stones may still form in the bile ducts even when no gall bladder is present, bile salt supplementation may alleviate numerous symptoms you may experience.
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You can not grow a gallbladder. Moron.

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