Is Having A Heart Palpation Dangerous?


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Palpitation is irregular or forceful beating of heart. Palpitations can be due to heart disease or it can be due without heart disease. Normal heartbeat in adults is 60-100 times in a minute. Palpitations can be due to problems in the heart muscles, heart valves, coronary arteries and electrical system of the heart.  Other reasons are use alcohol and caffeine, drugs like amphetamine, cocaine and other drugs, some diseases like hyperthyroidism, anemia and  panic disorder. Overexertion can also cause increase heart rate.
Palpitations due to  heart diseases can be dangerous if not treated on time. Increase heart rate due to other conditions can be treated by changes in lifestyle and treating primary disease.
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Im having heart palpations everyday ,at times it feels like its beating so fast that its going to jump out, can this become serious me

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