Can You Survive Cancer Twice?


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Yes, yes, yes, I am a survivor of ovarian & breast cancer. Did the double mastectomy, reconstruction & hysterectomy, chemo & radiotherapy. Yes you have to keep a check on everything, more tests and so on, it's not easy to go through. I am 41 years old my life is for living not dwelling on what was in the past I SURVIVED and I plan on being in this world a long, long time. If this is you second time or 3rd time for that matter do not give up fight it. I have had many down days, breast & ovarian cancer have killed 5 generations in my family it will not beat me!!!! After being given the news both times I had cancer I gave myself 2 days to cry and mourn after that it was get up get on fight and I have dealt with all of this crap with humor. When I lost my hair we bought hats, caps and crazy scarfs, my husband shaved his head until mines grew back. Get into a support group, heck take up knitting whatever it takes to get you through. There is always a light at the end of this. Life is never meant to be easy. My uncle told me when the Lord puts you on a tough bumpy road he also gives you sturdy shoes to walk in, boy do I love shoes. Keep the faith and keep going you can do it!!!
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My mother has had stage 5 burkitt's lymphoma, paget's vulva stage 5, lung cancer stage 5 and now liver also stage 5. This started over 25 years ago. She has ,despite cancer, lived a very active life. 25 years ago they said she would last through the night. You can get cancer more than once and you can beat each one as they come.
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No but yes. I say this because as far as I have seen, once you have cancer, you have it. It is an insidious condition. It can go into remission and disappear on a test and show up a month later, or it can spread throughout the body like a wildfire. You can beat it again, yes, though it may be more difficult (your body is already damaged from the first bout) but it can be done. There are a lot of new treatments being tested currently. You or the one with the condition may be a good candidate for an experimental treatment if you do not want the chemo again.
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thirty years ago my mother had one of the most aggressive cancers there is. they told us she would live under 48 hours. she was in remission for 20 years. then she got another type of cancer. she was in remission for another 8 years. she then got lung cancer 3 years ago. she again went into remission. a week ago she was told she now has liver cancer. this will be our last go around with cancer for her. all 4 times she was stage 5 and was never expected to live more than a month or two. she has lived a full life despite cancer. never let anyone tell you how much you can take. only God knows.
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You are so right, God be with you and your family during these difficult days.i am so thankful He was with me when my mother went through more than one cancer episode. Today would have been her 81st birthday, she passed in dec '07. I see that your comment was a year ago, but i hope you still know you are in my thoughts.
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Well yes, sometimes that happens, but not usually. Surviving cancer twice is really hard to do!

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