My Glasses Keep Slipping Down My Nose, And It's Now To The Point When They Are Completely Falling Off My Face. Its Annoying! Is There Anything I Can Do To Maybe Tighten Them At Home?


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When glasses keep on slipping down your nose, it usually means that they are not fitting properly. It is always best to go to an eye-care professional to have your glasses adjusted and properly fitted to your face. There are ways though, to sort this problem out at home.

  • Eyeglass repair kit
Using a magnifying glass, you will see that a single screw holds each nose piece in place. Use the tiny screwdriver from the repair kit to turn each screw until they yield a bit. Do not overturn. Tighten these nose piece screws. Next, go to the hinges at the temples. Gently tighten these screws as well.

  • Rubber Sleeve
You can try putting a rubber sleeve over each of the earpieces. The sleeves stretch over all sizes of earpieces. They will fit snugly behind the ears, hold your glasses in place and prevent slippage.

  • Elastic Sport Band
You can also buy an elastic sport band and fit it to your glasses according to the instructions of the manufacturer. These bands wrap around your head completely to help to keep your glasses from slipping.

If you have rimless glasses, an eye-care professional can heat up the cover of the temple that curves around the ear. He can safely bend your glasses and not break them. He can then curve your glasses in towards your head so that they are tight behind the ear. They can also change the temple style of the glasses to wrap around the ear. A lot of rimless glasses are slightly curved behind the ear, and some curve right around to prevent glasses sliding down a nose or even completely falling off.

The problem could also be from sweating or having a greasy skin. Always keep tissues on hand to wipe your face if this is a problem.
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The frame has just stretched bring them back to the shop where you bought them they should do them for free they have done mine  and no charge

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