My Eyesight Is Weak My Glasses No Is 2.5 How Can Improve It?


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I'm 28 male my eye sighte is weak -1.5 how to improved
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Eyes play a vital role while doing all day to day activities such as instant reactions to things happening around us and keep us active and smart. Taking care of eyes and eye vision is also one of the essential things to stay fit and healthy.Fruits and Vegetables are one of the most recommended diet to stay fit and healthy. Fruits and Vegetables are loaded with plenty of nutrients and substances needed for healthy eye and vision. Here I  am trying to list the some of the  natural foods for healthy eye and vision.

1.  Spinach

2.  Carrots

3.  Broccoli

4.  Apples

5.  Dark Berries

6.  Oranges

7.  Oily Fish

8.  Red Meat

9.  Almonds

10.  Eggs

11.  Sweet Potatoes

12.  Peanuts

Reference Blog - Foods for Eye and Vision

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