What Can Cause My Stomach To Swell Up? I Don't Eat A Lot Especially Not Doing The Week. It Seems Like What I Eat Or Drink Settles At My Mid Section.


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There is a disease known as candidia which is a yeast infection of the intestinal track that causes bloating. You have probably seen people, a lot of times they call it a beer belly but the stomach looks like a balloon that is about to burst. This is a sign of the disease. I got it several years ago because I had antibiotic poisoning which is the core of the problem. The intestines loose its ability to process sugars and processed flour, sugar and distilled products. There is a special antibiotic called nystatin that you need to take and a special diet to cleanse the inside digestive tract and then you reintroduce bacteria the good kind. I had a fairly advances case as a Doctor had me on the antibiotics for about 5 years and I had no immune system. You may want to try and eliminate any process, distilled or refined products which is about everything in a diet. You also can't eat bread as the yeast is the major culprit in the disease.

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