Have I Got Lymphoma?


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Aisha answered
Lymphoma refers to a type of cancer which originates in lymphocytes. It refers to a broad group of diseases called hematological neoplasms. Not all types of swellings are Lymphoma. And the symptoms of Lymphoma vary from case to case. Some common symptoms include:
- Lymph node swelling
- Fatigue
- Lack of energy
- Weight Loss
- Fevers and night sweats
- Itching
Your given Symptoms can be a sign of the disease but you must confirm it as soon as possible from a doctor so that you can get a proper treatment.
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Felipe Vazquez answered
Swelling of both arm pits, very painful to movement or touch, red spots the size of dimes or pennies in various areas on the arm pits, goes away but then returns after a few days, one side is always more painful than the other, dry mouth and tongue, throbbing headaches/migraine, tired once it goes away

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