A Recent Blood Test Showed That My Liver Enzymes Were Twice The Norm. I Was Told To Fast The Night Before, But Only Fasted About Ten Hours (Including 6 Hours Of Drinking Wine). Could This Be Why My Enzymes Were High?


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The answer is yes.

The alcohol you consumed will have affected your liver enzyme count significantly.

Drinking wine before a blood test When a doctor asks you to fast before an examination or test, there is usually a specific reason for this.

Mainly, it is because any food you consume will distort the findings of the examination.

Although fasting usually involves not eating any food, you are recommended to drink only water - as water is the most basic fluid you could drink.

By drinking wine (for 6 hours!) you are taking in a significant amount of sugars, among other ingredients.

These will appear in your blood test, and alter your liver enzyme count.

How alcohol affects liver enzymes
Everyone will have a different sensitivity when it comes to alcohol, but it is widely-accepted that consuming alcohol has a direct effect on liver enzyme levels.

Having high enzyme levels in your blood is a sign of liver damage, and your doctor was probably trying to eliminate alcohol and other dietary elements from the equation by getting you to fast.

Even moderate drinking could affect test results, and a 6-hour session definitely would!

When you drink alcohol in large quantities (even for a short period of time) you run the risk of excessive fat build-up inside the liver cells.

This is most likely what is distorting your reading.
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Absolutely. The alcohol in the wine is raising your liver enzymes. 

You'll need to take the test again.  But no drinking alcohol.  Stay away from it for at least 3 days.  It needs to be totally out of your body to get a proper reading.

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