How Do The Principles Of Immunization Used In The Control Of Communicable Diseases?


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The principle of immunization is basically using vaccinations to promote a protective immunity in the human body. Since communicable diseases can be easily transmitted through animals, food, air, surfaces or even through another person, the protective immunity given by the immunization will lessen the chances of transmitting the disease.

The vaccinations given to every person is intended to give long term immunity to different diseases. Although some vaccines only last for some days, the primary purpose of vaccines is to create an immunological memory to a human body. Here are additional facts about the principle of immunization:

  • Not all families can afford the expenses of the required vaccination that their children needs. Therefore, families who cannot afford the vaccination costs should be given free vaccinations provided by the public healthcare.
  • For families under health insurance programs, they must be advised and given the needed vaccination by their insurance companies as suggested by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices or ACIP.
  • Vaccines must be accessible to all private and public sectors.
  • Families who are not under any health insurance are already eligible for a free vaccination in all private and public healthcare institutions.
  • Children are given their vaccination in their medical homes. A medical home is not house, hospital, or building. It is a health care service provided by a licensed physician or pediatrician that the family trusts as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

It is also recommended that families also ask their doctor for any new immunization that they may need to make sure the health safety of their family. Even though different segments of health institution are required to offer free vaccinations, this may not be completely possible if the family do not take the time to visit their medical home to schedule the vaccinations.

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