Have You Ever Had Your Temperature Taken Rectally?


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Yes I have, by my husband.  My husband and I engage in an interesting role-play situation wherein my husband portrays my Daddy, and I portray his young daughter. 

I get dressed up for the part:  White lace socks, girly-type cotton panty briefs, pink dress with petticoats, ribbons in my hair. 

I tell my Daddy that I don't feel so good.  He then tells me to go upstairs to my bedroom and wait for me. 

After a few minutes, "Daddy" comes into the room carrying a tray that holds the rectal thermometer, vaseline, and baby wipes. 

He sits on my bed and places the tray next to him. 

He then tells me that he is going to check my temperature like the doctor does. 

I lay across his lap, and suck my thumb while he lifts up my dress and petticoats.

He then pulls down the girly-type panties I have on for the occassion. 

He parts my cheeks and wipes my hiney-hole region with  the baby wipe. 

He then lubricates my hiney hole with the vaseline using his finger. 

Then, he inserts the long, thin, glass tube into my anus. 

The whole time my eyes are closed and am sucking my thumb. 

After a few minutes, he withdraws the glass tube from my anus and takes a reading. 

He then wipes my hiney hole again with a baby wipe, pulls up my panty, lowers my petticoats and dress. 

We both have a nice time with this fantasy role play.
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Yes, when I was a child; by my mother. Whenever I was sick, which was not that often, Mom would come into my room and close the door.  With her sitting on my bed, I would lay across her lap as if I was going to be spanked. 

She would then tug down my jammy bottom and panties.  She would wipe my hiney hole area  with a baby wipe or something.  (I liked that part the best)  When all was clean, she would gently slide in the long, thin glass tube of the therm.  While waiting a few minutes, she would massage, caress my hiney cheeks with her hand in a gentle, loving manner. 

When it was time, she would check the temp, then pull up my panties and jammy bottom, and hop back into bed under the covers. 

To this day, I miss the way my Mom checked my temperature.  I would like to meet someone who would do it the same way my Mom did all those years ago.  Can any one help me?
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Yes, I have, many times.
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Thankfully no I haven't, saying that I suppose it's no big deal.
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My doctor or her assistant almost always take my temp rectally as part of my physica.l

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