Is It Normal To Have One Kidney Smaller Than The Other?


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Ryan Rugraff answered
While not unusual, it is not "normal" either, the human body tends towards being symmetrical but does not always happen. If you seem to be having health problems that could be kidney related, I would see a doctor. But if you have just noticed one is slightly smaller than the other with no other problems, it is completely normal. Also I would note that the other kidney could have a cyst, or a tumor and therefore feel larger, so getting a doctor's clearance might be a good idea anyway. Hope everything is good!
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I have one kidney of normal size and the other smaller.I have no symptoms or any perceptible kidney related problems like stones,urea,abnormal creatinine levels,pain etc.How will that smaller kidney affect me later?As far as I know this size difference was not present earlier.
I am 58.
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Everything your body has one is larger then the other,hands,feet,ladies breast etc....but it is not noticeable, has your Dr. Mention to you about one kidney smaller than the other and has he said it is a problem connected to this issue...hope all goes well with you....  

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