Is It Normal For One Eye To See Color And Light Crisper Than The Other Eye?


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Just Some time back, did I come to know that  when my ophthalmologist asked me ,which eye could I see better with. I replied I am not sure-guess both look in the same direction at a time!
it was not before that I knew both eyes can have different sight power.

According to my Father-in-law whom is a retired opthamolgist and doc says everyone has one dominant eye just as they have a dominant hand...and one eye is typically larger than the other...hope all is well with you and your eyesight lovie...♥Nassy
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I just noticed one night that i could see crisper and more color with my right eye more than my left...i guess i just never paid that close of attention to it was like when your at the eye doctor and they flip those different lenses to see which one is better,i could actually see a tinge(just a bit) clearer with my right eye....thanks for answering
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Yes. It just means that your eyesight is better in one eye. It's nothing to worry about.

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