When I smile, My left eye closes more than the right one. In baby pictures, this is even more apparent. What causes this?


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If your left eye closes more than the right, you could have had weak muscles in the left eye that would cause the eyelid to droop. However, in some cases, this can be a visible symptom of well over a dozen medical conditions. Of course, there are no guarantees as to whether or not you will be suffering from any of the illnesses outlined, and this is why you should see an optician or another medical professional in order to get their opinion.

According to www.freemd.com/s1/drooping-eye.htm, there are 24 conditions that vary from being well known to exceptionally rare. You could be suffering from diabetes, especially if your drooping eye is coupled with other symptoms such as blurry and inconsistent vision, and requiring to go to the toilet on a regular basis. In some ways, the drooping eye could be what causes the diagnosis of your diabetes, and the Type 2 deviant of the condition is known as being hard to find unless spotted during a routine check-up with your GP.

Interestingly, it also seems that excessive levels of tiredness will not abate your drooping eye, either. Despite the temptation amongst students to stay up throughout the night and party hard, an irregular sleeping pattern will hinder rather than help your drooping eye. Through drinking plenty of water and trying to keep your eyes hydrated (cucumbers are an excellent start!), you might be able to eradicate this unfortunate and occasionally embarrassing cosmetic problem. Try not to diagnose your condition via the Internet or speculate until you have seen an eye care specialist.

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