My Left Eye Went Blurry. What Would Cause This?


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  • What could cause a blurry eye?
If your left eye went blurry it is definitely a good idea to go to your doctor or optician and get a check-up. It is possible that the cause was something simple and not anything you should worry about. It may have been due to tiredness or you may have had something in your eye such as moisturizer. There is also the possibility that it is something much more serious which is why you need to get it checked out, particularly if it happened once while you were driving as this could have been extremely dangerous and it would be risky both to yourself and other drivers and passengers if this were to happen again.

  • Serious illnesses that begin with blurred vision
There is nothing else to suggest that you have any of this serious illnesses but you should definitely consider them and consult with your doctor to establish that you are not suffering from any of them.

If you have blurred vision while combined with nausea, vomiting, headaches or a stiff neck there is a possibility that you could have serious disorders such as a brain tumor, retinal detachment or encephalitis.

If your blurred vision is slowly getting worse or you are seeing halos or double vision there is the chance that you are developing cataracts. Cataracts are quite common with older people but they are relatively easy to remove so you should not worry too much if you have them.

If you are feeling any other symptoms such as loss of consciousness or serve headaches these could be symptoms of a stroke. You may have some form of eye injury or it could be the beginning of a migraine.
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Stress does a lot of funny things to your eyesight. If you have been under a little more stress lately, it could be catching up to you that way.
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Mine does that occasionally as well and it's only my left eye. It's weird.
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Same for me I don't get it I have looked all over the internet and theres nothing
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When I brought this up with my optometrist he told me it was possibly because my right eye was more dominant than the left- don't really understand it myself. 

Have seen other optometrists and they have said they don't know what it is, would like to know what causes it also!!

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