Can you get rid of a keloid with a wart remover?


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No , you can't to do this. I suggest the one of the best solution for instant result rather than wart remover.

You should try this wart removal home remedies that helps you to get rid of a keloid.

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Yes, and I will inform you how to have that, first let me elaborate that Keloid scars are types of scars that have a raised look on the surface of the skin. Keloid scars typically have a pink or purple color, and are misshapen. Keloid scars typically get worse as time goes on, and can extend beyond the site of the injury. This type of scarring can result from piercings, burns, acne, surgery and physical injury. The chest, shoulders and back are particularly prone to keloid scars.

Undergo injections on a monthly basis. Most doctors recommend that you receive a monthly injection of cortisone into the scar site. After six months, the keloid scar should flatten and appear less noticeable on the surface of the skin. In some cases, the chemotherapy drug Fluorouracil is injected along with the cortisone or by itself to get rid of keloid scars.

Consider cryotherapy if the scar is small. The doctor may recommend cryotherapy if you are fair and the scar is not very large. Cryotherapy involves placing liquid nitrogen on the scar to flake it off.

Go over potential surgery options with your doctor. If injections and cryotherapy are not successful, surgical excision or laser surgery may be considered. Surgical excision involves the cutting off of the scar. However, this can prove risky since other keloid scars can then form. Laser therapy involves the use of concentrated light to get rid of the keloid scars. Multiple sessions may be required to reduce the pigment of the scar and flatten it down.

Tips and Warnings
* After trauma to the skin occurs, you can do several things to prevent keloid scars from forming. A pressure dressing or silicone gel pad should be placed over the injured area until the skin has healed.
* Home treatments are not effective for keloid scarring.
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Thanks for the reply....i really dont know what to do because i have had them removed off of my ears before and they came back larger after surgery...but thanks.

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