Can You Get Genital Warts From A Toilet?


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You can only get genital warts from direct sexual contact, a wart is a virus it needs warmth and moisture to live and grow! Any residue would die on a toilet seat, towel or clothing. They are easily treated at your GP or sexual health centre and both members of a relationship should get checked out.
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How long do you have to wait to have an herpes igg blood test done after your suspected date of a possible infection?
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Nope you can't because it is transmitted from skin-to-skin or sexually. I had genital warts before but I got rid of them by using topical genital warts treatment. There are various brands out there but I personally trust Wartscide.
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I think Doctors will say no, but I say who knows what they will come up with in the future. If you must sit, I carry small containers of antibacterial wipes, then place tissue on parts of the seat. That probably only satisfies my mind, but you never know. I think the filthiest part is if the stool has a hand flush handle. People don't wash their hands before they flush the toilet even though they have cleansed themselves. That handle can carry hundreds of germs from hundreds of people, so I also use tissue or the wipes to operate the flush as well.
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I was assured in the Navy that the only to catch any STD from a toilet was to have sexual contact while on the toilet.  And ewww! 

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Genital warts are transmitted sexually. The pathogens of genital watts are viral. If you and your friend having genital warts use the same toilet, then this can not be transmitted. The transmission is possible only through physical contact.
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Nope! Contact should be skin to skin.
Is the on treatment? She needs to treat the warts before they become cauliflower-ish. I used to know someone who had genital warts but it cleared up. I think the product is oxyfend zerowarts. You can order online.

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