I am really shy and people think i'm quiet, which i am but when people know the real me i'm not quiet but i'm to shy to be myself which is why I have very few friends, what to do?


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Shyness is only a excuse here, if youre happy with the way things are then stay as is but if youre not happy then and only you can change it. Shyness is really a lack of self confidence in oneself to meet and make no friends, You just need to get out more and meet and talk to everyone you meet and soon youll have an outgoing personality and everyone will  want to be friends with you. Try it and youll see
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Louise Tindall
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Thank you for your answer! But i don't think it'll be that easy for me considering everyone i see thinks i'm weird. But i'll try it x
Kk polly
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Yah it's not that easy, you can't force friendships. Being social simply isn't part of my nature. So any socialness would be fake socialness, and I don't want cake friends.
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Shy person is the real good person, who take care of there friends and always think a lot before speaking! I donot know the defination but I just say you that will you make me your friend and add me in your little but loving buddy list!
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I think it'll take time but if you have friends then they must really like you and think you're a good friend because I know what it's like to be either the loudest one in a group and the quietest. I know it takes a lot of patience if you are louder and more outgoing than your friend. But I also know that the shy, quiet ones are the deepest and they should be lucky to have you. Appreciate the ones you have, believe me.
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I don't know .. Cause I have the same problem :( sorry...
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Louise Tindall
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Thank you!! At least i'm not the only one then!! At least you know how i feel when everyone thinks your quiet but your not, but your just to shy to be yourself! Thank you so much for your answer :D x
Kk polly
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Me too
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I'm an introvert. Recently somehow just accepting that I'm an introvert has made me more outgoing. Weird…

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