I can make myself cry by talking to myself about stupid things, such as when YouTube was still a good place, or why life exists, or by telling myself I'm crazy for talking to myself. I know part of it is loneliness, as I miss my friend Carter, and I know I can reach out to my family but it's just not the same. Heck, I teared up a little typing this. I'm not technically mentally healthy. I'm not crazy or anything, but I have constant mood swings which is another part of the reason why I cry. School starts in a few weeks, so that's good, but I feel like it won't come soon enough. I think I have a problem, but I'd need your guys' opinion on that.


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Perhaps your parents could take you to see a therapist and get some meds to ease your anxiety and crying. I know when my son died, I cried at everything, all day and I have meds for 90 days and a therapist. It helped me think clearer, be calmer and relax. Sometimes we just need a little boost 🤗

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You're very young and still discovering who you are and what you want in life.  It does sound like you need some counseling or therapy.  Please tell your parents all of this and not strangers on a website.  They need to help you discover that life doesn't have to be so complicated and sad. Good Luck.

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Live in today, not yesterday.

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Believe it or not .. Being overly emotional is quite 'normal' for a youngster like yourself.  It can be caused from a number of typical things ranging from raging hormones (for example) coupled with the stresses of a child growing up and facing many fears that is accompanied with social pressures of a pre-teen/teen, to things that are not so typical, like emotional or personality disorders.

If it is at the extreme side of the spectrum .. Like if this is happening to the point where it becomes debilitating and causes so much emotional distress that it is near impossible to function, then you may need to talk to someone properly equipped to teach you about what is going on and how to handle it.

In any case .. talk to your parents about it .. and hopefully they can share some helpful advise about how to handle this.

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The youth today lives in a different generation then i did. You have computers i pads cell phones. Hell i grew up without a home phone my sisters ran up the bill so it went. You need to relax and take it easy life is only going to get worse when you hit your twenties

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